My New Life In The Gay Village

I moved last week from some welfare-junky-hookers neighborhood to downtown Montreal, in the gay village more precisely.


I only lived in HOMA for 10 months and my boyfriend and I couldnt even finish our lease because things were so unbareble. There was this mexican family living under us and every week end was like cinqo de mayo, parties with da familia and pinata smashing inside the house.

Then we have the upstairs neighbors whom where 2 college students and 1 bar waitress. These people lived 24/7, there was always someone sleeping and someone doing stuff and they would run up and down the stairs at least 12 times a day, banging on my head forever. Whenever our hockey team played, they had like 8 buddies coming over to watch it on TV and I could tell very well when we scored...The slutty waitresses boyfriend also always parked hsi fucking bike on our balcony wich blocked the stairs partially.

After that there was the encounter with the people living behind us. There was a girl living there who worked on sunday mornings and always woke us up at 6am because she was yelling at her roomate to fucking clean up after himself. After the 3rd time I woke up one sunday morning, all fucked up from the previous nights alcohol abuse and opened the door to my balcony and before i could say anything she asked me what my problem was. I answered: well i heard some screaming and it woke me up so i was wondering... she interrupted me and started calling me names. After that incident, anytime i went to my back balcony to put someting in my recycle bucket she would spot me and come outside to pick a fight. Her roomate told me to ignore her one day when he saw me and she wasnt there. Apparently shes a schyzo and takes 12 different pills a day so it wasnt my fault...

We also got woken up at least a hundred times by dogs barking in the neighborhood. There was a big turd-left-on-the-sidewalk problem. It was totally gross and you can read more about it in the kittie litter accident blog.

Right in front of my previous apartment there was this extremely cheesy bar for people 50 and over who like to see nobodies playing old country songs covers. It got closed for 2 months a while ago because they found minors and cocaine on the premises. For that period of time we saw less hookers around but always feared a junky would still try to mug us on a bright shiny afternoon while were waiting for a bus on the street corner.

Now i want to celebrate because i moved downtown where the streets are cleaned every 2 days, where the grocerie stores have a real variety of different foods and best of all, no prostitutes.(there ARE hookers on ste-catherine, just go further east where i used to live or mtl-north) Montreals gay village is wonderful and the people are great. Obviously, not everybody around here is gay but everyone seems to be different in their own way. I just got here 10 days ago and already i feel like i fit in because even tho im straight, im very different than most girls and walking down the street around here, i dont get looked at in a prerogative way. I cant wait to see what the gay parade is gonna be like. I will sure write a blog entry about that!

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