My New Videos--What's YOUR Expression?

Hey, for anyone in here who actually enjoys my creativity/moxie/exceptionally wide penis, here's a little something more to enjoy:

This started as an abstract interpretation of the traditional color bars and countdown that open video and movies. As I got going, though, I started to find a weird narrative to what I was filming... like, what's the deal with all the Native American pseudo-imagery? Sure, it's Albuquerque, but shouldn't that mean we'd be tamer, or less offensive? Seriously, there are twentysome reservations within a morning's drive of here.

This project involved found footage that we were given and had to re-splice, using Final Cut Pro. I even used and reworked the audio, though we only had to use the imagery. I conceived of it in two ways, and thus the "intermission" in between sections: the first was based on the dialogue I constructed from the original, then I found the images for it; the second half, I used the atmospheric soundscape and chose the best visuals for contemplation. As a bonus, it stars a young Brady kid!Anyway, please feel free to leave your vile, disemboweling comments here. Do keep in mind, these are not traditional narratives, but art-house style pieces. In other words, they're weird.As a side note: I'm wondering about the other ways in which the community here expresses themselves (other than the blogging, trolling, Internet-porn-searching, et al)? Feel free to lay that down for us all to share. You hear me, N.P.? (wink, wink)Anyway, Peace, Love, and Chocolate Cake,CBear47 __________________
Uploaded 05/11/2009
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