my next career. maybe y'all can help

it's been 29 years now and i have had a variety of diffrent jobs since i was 16.roofer for my dad, cart wrangler at a Sam's Club, telecommunications soldier in the Army, security guard, night stocker at Sam's again, professional mechanic, and now a mud hand on a drilling rig. the longest i have been employed at one job was four years, and that was the mandatory ammount of years (Army). everyother job has been 1 to 3 years tops. i guess i get tired of jobs easily. i have only been fired once. my second go round at Sam's ended when i grabbed a kid(shit, he was 20) by the shirt and threw him up against the front doors in front of a large summer saturday crowd cuz he said he was gonna bitch slap me. twenty customers complained and five wrote long letters to the main office about my "psychotic actions against a very scared young man". sure. little fat bastard was practically fuckin askin me to beat his ass. so i think the next job that could possibly be on the list would be repo man. and i forgot where i was going with this blog cuz in the middle i had to go do some fuckin dumb shit that didnt make sense. and i almost beat a guys ass. fuckin fuck. i'm trying to act like a grown up for fucks sake here! it's really hard. (and no not my cock)


Gregfahnoonoo(or whatever) had a good idea. how bout y'all give me some suggestions on what y'all think i might be good at. obviously the most absurd or funny jobs would be much appreciated. thanks bros and hoes!

Uploaded 01/12/2009
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