My Nipples Taste Like Lemons

   We'd been trapped in the room for about 48 hours.  At least, that was my guess.  The talking had ceased.  The darkness swallowed us entirely.  I could feel people brushing my legs and arms.  I didn't know if it was us or them.  I didn't know how many people were in here.  The room was very small and damp.  It smelled like an arm pit.  I just wanted this hell to stop.

   Every few minutes, a blast of frigid, arctic cold air would hit us.  This was followed immediately by a blast of very hot moist air.  The cycle repeated 5 times.  Then, there was eerie silence.  You could hear the sobs but could see nothing.  If I could only remember how I got here.  I was walking down 42nd street.  Then, there was utter darkness. I awoke here.  I did not know why or how.  A woman felt her way to my lap.  She rested her head and asked for help.  I told her to be quiet and rubbed her head to calm her.  I thought this is the end for us all.

   I wasn't even motivated for escape.  I think they must have drugged us.  I was totally accepting of the whole thing.  I was resigned to death.  The woman on my lap was not.  Out of the silence a voice cracked like thunder.  "Listen people!  We only need one of you.  There rest will be allowed to leave soon.  If your name is Roman, please stay seated with your back against the wall.  Everyone else may stand."  The woman on my lap stood up and grabbed my hand to help me up.  I said, "I'm the winner."  She gasped and let go of my hand.  A strobe light flickered.  It burned my eyes.  I could make out the outlines of about nine other people.  I could make out the glass walls of the small room.  I saw a masked man outside the walls.  The voice spoke again, "If Roman behaves a door will open for you all to get through.  You will be allowed to go home.  If Roman does not behave, you will not go home."   I yelled to the voice, "FUCK YOU!"  I whispered to the others I would not cause problems.  They hung their heads and silently thanked me.  The masked man pulled a lever.  A small door opened.  My fellow prisoners crawled through.  I stayed seated.  The light went out and the cold air cycled again.  I smiled a little.

   You think you know?  You have no idea.  

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