My one night encounter with cancer

So I went out tonight to go see Madrone play and as I'm walking to the club a man stops me and says "If you can answer 3 questions about breast cancer I'll give you a prize". I'm thinking, fuck, it's 10:30 at night in the middle of downtown... Roanoke on a street corner. How damn hard can these questions be? It isn't like there gonna be like the questions on Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire, so I say OK. #1 question: What causes breast cancer? my answer: cancer #2 question: How would you raise awareness about breast cancer? my answer: facebook #3 question: How do you cure breast cancer? my answer: not have breasts (or cut off your boobies) He said all my answers were wrong but I think the guy was just so ecstatic to actually have some one stop and listen to him that he just said "fuck it" and gave me the prizes anyway (he did mention that he wanted to go get drunk). So 30 minutes pass and I'm listening to Madrone play and the same guy walks in and goes straight to the dance floor and starts dancing....or what appears to be dancing. I think he might of been having a mild stroke or seizure...I don't know. For a second I thought he might be choking because I don't think human beings are supposed to flail that much if there's not something wrong with them. So I looked behind me to see if anyone else is watching this guy and no one is even paying attention to him. The guy is doing the kamehameha move from Dragon Ball Z and no one cares. I briefly think he's on ecstasy but he's not rubbing the walls and sweating profusely or licking the stereo equipment so I quickly debunk that idea. The music ends and he runs off into the night never to be heard from again. A classic fairy tale ending
Uploaded 12/04/2011
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