My open letter to god.Brought to you by Fungina.

Dear God or gods or satan.

      I have been feeling bad recently for Gettin eshel deleted .Well I didnt do it on purpose I think he was deleted for responding to my last blog where i asked what is the most fucked up joke you know? He made some realy off the cuff jokes about black people , so i think he was deleted for that stuff. But i do feel directly bad what took place. He made a rude comment to me on my blog so i said basicaly he was a sad lonely attention whore.Well to compensate he tried to make with the lols telling some black jokes.Well I want to apologize.To the entire black race that you made comments at!!! You racist!!! I am black by association !!! I have 1 black friend and he agrees that "I am down and Brown". So there I am glad you got deleted!! haha Now I can eat your heart with BBQ sauce to obtain your xp so i can level up!!I am Lv 64 now! Haha my zombie army will flourish.Tonight we eat carrots!! If you cant say something nice , Cutt the bitch!!I am Full of time!!!!EAch day i grow larger! I am a max threat to the mighty pepridge Army!!! This will be a liberation .On the back of the beast.And he has eaten many Candy canes his anus is swirled.

    Ahem grrreghhhh Ahem. Ok there sorry i am a little infected with the zombie disease.Its ok i am becoming imune.There now i am back....Ok Now what was i talking about? Oh ya God gods or satan I have a question. What is the most fucked up joke you guys know??? I hope you have some The holidays are boring. Fuck eshel . Jk man .gramar my ass. You dont look a gift horse in the mouth, then ask him to spell check.....Omg Eshel just entered my house!!! He is huge!! Wtf Stay away you fat Lonely bastard!!!! OMG!!! He has fallen!!! He passed out after walking up the stair case He is heaving like an obese fish out of water. All i need to do now is remove his head.....*Chop*...There Now i will bring him back with my zombie formula.Here good as new...Now he will make a new account once he learns to read again.He smells strangely of nachos and lonelyness. Poor fellow was just trying to find love and acceptance.But he passsed out and was sadly beheaded. Twasnt my hatchet what killd the beast ,Twas sadness and cholesteral..and my axe....


Matt the leader of the zombies.

Uploaded 12/24/2008
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