My other cousin is in town

As I've stated in my previous blogs, my cousin, Pat, who is turning 20 in September, is currently staying with my grandma. He'll be going back home in 2 weeks though to move in to his new appartment before college starts up again and get ready to go back to school. My aunt brought his little brother up from State College, about 2 1/2 - 3 hours away from here. His little brother's name is Bob and he's 15. My aunt is leaving tomorrow though and when Pat goes back, he's taking Bob with him.

Pat's vehicle is a little Saab and he's got a TON of stuff up here with him including a computer. So when he goes back he has to take all that plus his goldfish, fishing gear,  Bob, and all of Bob's stuff. My aunt has a van though and they might swap vehicles. Pat was also instructed by our grandma to get all of the stuff he wouldn't need in his last 2 weeks around so his mom could take it with her. This I believe includes the computer but he doesn't have it in a box or anything. So I don't know.


Uploaded 08/03/2008
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