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'Sup world..or ebaumsworld..This is going to be long as HELL. inb4 tl;dr
Before i begin,let me just say,feel free to troll or hate,it's nothing i'm not used to,give me your worst. Raids,trolling,hating,i've all took part in it before,it's nothing new.So,yeah,basically,i'm 13,and my dad used to browse this site all the time. I mean litterally all the time. My dad is familiar with internet subculture which is sometimes a advantage and sometimes a disadvantage. I used to have a blog on a hosted domain,but it got too expensive,thus resulting in me closing it,so,thanks ebaumsworld,i guess i'll just post here.So yeah,having a dad familiar with computers is somewhat good and somewhat bad. Why?  He used to record all i do,I can't browse anonymously,i can't install everything i want,it's just somewhat annoying..I can't torrent,because he knows what it is,and if he catches me,i am fucked,however,if i get a virus somehow,he can remove it faster than you hating on this blog.I used to sit on his lap and we'd watch funny videos,me being 5 at the time i didn't really understand most of it and just watched the tv in the over room from on my dad's lap. So,a little about me : I am a social wreck,i dropped out of school at about 11 and a half,i got bullied so damn bad.. I'm kinda a loser,and let my dad down,but i'm sure i'll survive somehow. So i made a choice anyway,i kill myself or i drop ALL social contact,i went for option #2 and gave life a second chance,but i'm sure i'll end up killing myself soon anyway,with all this crap going on. I guess that's just a breif overview of myself. I don't expect anyone to really read this unless i give them the link,but,meh.
Uploaded 04/26/2012
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