My plan for the end of terrorism

Haven taken a few classes on religion while I was in college, I realize there are certain foods that religions deem unnecessary and/or forbidden. In the case of Islam, one of the foods that are forbidden to eat is pork. Therefore I have devised a way to create weaponized pork. I call them "Bacon-bit Bombs." A cluster bomb that has bacon bits instead of your standard explosives. Now, targeting terrorist training camps, areas where there are serious muslim radicals bent on western destruction, raining down bacon from the skies would be both hilarious and practical. In the Koran Muslims are forbidden to eat or touch pork for that matter; hence, who knows what they would do. Would they give up since they are most likely going to go to hell instead of heaven? Would they just kill themselves (I hope)? Or would they just shrug it off? This attack at the least would be demoralizing, not to mention offensive as all hell...but then again blowing yourself up in the name of a formerly peaceful religion along with innocent people of all races. Well, hopefully this is never used, then again, deep inside, you all want to do something like this to those who have horrific plans for the United States, and not a peaceful Muslim person, community, group, etc. We only target those who are threats, not those who are peaceful (usually). 
what do ya think?
Uploaded 10/13/2010
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