my planet by eboralationaly

on my planet we consider none of the relevant things to actualy be relevent. we also proclaim WAR on our vary own grand rigotrometers that is wat you on earth would call an ARMADILO. in our free time we like to chronicly  herbulate, and tune our senses. keeping the dome healthy is what we on our planet like to call erbalogicalintake valve now that you know wat we like to do on my planet i will tell you about my life. when i was three i tryed to kill my mother and my grandzooma. (thats wat we call grandmothers) the goverment of my planet sent me to  680 killa years in a facilitation holder/operator. during my escape from the facilitation holder/operator i had my 47th limb taken off by a revolveing door i like to call a PCP binge. once i was out in the heavily dictated streets i then killed and fellow 435 member from touching my skitlifier. but after i killed him i apogised and there was no hard feelings. finaly when i waz 3700 killa years old i started killing. i think that is because i started to eat micro mercury cells and that shit kills your brains. then in the year 9075 the micro mercury cells ran out of supply my world then was DESTROYED. so now that leads me to now and for anyone who reads this. may i stay on your planet?



Uploaded 09/11/2008
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