My Politics n shit blog 2

As you may already know from reading my previous blog, I am a registered Republican. In this blog I would like to know your political stances, who you would have voted for if they were still running, and if you are happy with the two elected party delegates. Also, I would like to hear the key topics you would like to hear addressed in the upcoming debates.

Here's my opinion: I personally would have preffered Huckabee to have been the Republican delegate, but I am not dissapointed with McCain. Having done research, I would like to hear certain topics being addressed, including womens rights, legalization of drugs, and border control.


Anyone who has read my profile will know that I can't comment back, so I will be updating my blog with responses to those who address me specifically (my reasaon for being banned is explained in my "War with Caturday" blog.) 


*Update* #1

This is how I will be responding, so keep an eye out.

 *Update* #2   

Ummm Yes a comment about barack winning .....very well spoken.....You made your point I will reregister as a democrat now..... Just kidding but way  to represent!!! I will tell you what, If B wins I will shave my head and post pics before/after.... But if he loses  It will have been your fault. I will call you "tiny" .... and Good luck at the special olympics Tiny.




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