My Quite Brilliant Idea

Since there's been much debate about illegal latinos becoming a liability for USA's national wealth and economy, as well as drug addicts being another curse, I thought a bit about a solution to the problem. If you watched Escape from L.A. starring Kurt Russell or played Fallout3: New Vegas, you're probably familiar with the concept of an enclave.

Putting all illegal latinos into a prepared ghetto might be a good idea. The government would have to set up some simple living spaces and places that could be turned into educational and labor institutions. You surround a shitty or abandoned area with electric fences and hire snipers. Then throw in the hispanics there and close the doors, leaving them to their own. They'll make some kind of a village, at first, maybe start some farms. Soon, they'll set up schools. If the government wants to help, they might give them some used machines. It's especially important to include a junkyard inside the ghetto's perimeters. Why? Because they can use a lot of it.

The problem of drug addicts can be solved the same way. It's a great opportunity to send crack heads there, because there are no drugs anywhere around. Maybe some marijuana or some shrubs, or shrooms, but definitely not cocaine. The druggies would have to live in the latino ghetto and cooperate. Maybe teach them English. It would be a mutual profit. 

As for the entry thing, I guess you could give out passports like in Fallout: New Vegas. People would pay some money to get a pass and visit their friends/families and would have to come back after some time. They would wear collars with a tracking device, in case they wanted to stay. As for getting a passport out - there would be a latino currency used inside, so if someone there sets up a business and earns, say 2000 pendejos (example of the currency name; I don't know many Spanish words), they could buy a passport out. They would be a valuable American citizen, because they were smart enough to gather the money.

What do you think about my idea? Share your opinions in the comments section

Uploaded 08/27/2011
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