My real haunted house story

When I was 17, my parents decided to buy an old farm house. The lady who had lived there all of her life died. Yes, in the house. The house had no electricty and no running water. My parents started to gut the entire property to add the basic necessities. There were no walls, no windows, no doors. Just the frame of the house. Every time we would walk through a certain room there would be the strong scent of perfume. No one ever smelled this scent outside of that one room, even though there were no walls. We found out that the lady, whose name we later learned was Rose, had died in that room. It was her bedroom. Once the rebuilding started the smell went away. We moved into the house and my bedroom was upstairs at the end of a long hallway. Several times a week I would hear someone walking up the stairs. I would go to my door, open it and no one would ever be there. Several times this happened. I asked my mom if she was coming up stairs at night. She said she hadn't. My little brother at the time was 3. He started telling the family about his ghost friend. He said she visited him at night and they talked. He was 3 so getting specifics from him was tough. In the meantime I was still hearing footsteps throughout the night. Then I started getting awakened at night. I would be in a dead sleep and wake up to the feeling of someone inches from my face. I could feel someone staring at me. Breathing on me. Every time I would wake up, nobody was ever there. I told my mom that "Rosie" was still around. She did not believe me. One morning I awoke, opened my bedroom door and the attic door was laying in the middle of the hallway. The door had been taken off the hinges, carried around a corner and laid smack dab in the middleof the hall. I picked it up, laid it against the wall and got my mom and dad. Neither of them had been upstairs in a few days. They came upstairs, saw the door and we were all puzzled.  I was really freaked out! Another day I heard singing on our front porch. I thought someone had left a radio on. I went outside and there was no radio to be seen or heard. The singing had stopped but the porch swing was rocking back and forth. I was home alone this time so I got in my car and drove away. All of this continued until I moved out at 19. One time I stayed the night at my parents after I had moved and I slept in my old room. In the middle of the night I was awoken out of a dead sleep to the feeling that someone was hovering above me. No one was there. I stayed awake that night and talked to Rosie. She did not answer me back. I hope she found what she was looking for.

Uploaded 10/22/2008
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