My (Re)Introduction

Ladies and Gents,

I am probably very unfamiliar to the majority of you. This is with good reason. Back before eBaum's switch over to what it is now, I used to be very active on this site, and particularly active on the blogs.

Then came the switchover to what eBaum's is now. During the process my account got hacked. On an urge to google my username two days ago, I came across this old account. I saw a message that WhyNot left on my page, and noticed that he was trying to get some of the old bloggers back together, and decided to give it a shot. I know many of you probably don't know the old blog section, but it was really something special- it was a real community, from those who took it seriously to the trolls.

Hopefully we can get back to that. Even if some of the old dudes don't come back, maybe we can remake a community. I'll do my part- I can't promise I'll be particularly active right now, but in three weeks I'll be finishing up my Freshman semester at college.

So, with that said, let's get back to it?

Go forth and conquer.

Uploaded 04/23/2012
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