So the other day me and my niggers had an idea to go to Toronto to go to wonderland, ride some roller coasters and shit. We packed up our shit and left Ottawa at around 12. I made a stop at the liquor store and picked up a 40 oz of bacardi and a 24 of bud light. Needed something to do for the drive. Fucking crack open a beer once i get my shit, needed to get my buzz on. Fucking start driving get on the highway, chucking my empty beer bottles at other faggots cars, i'm hard like that, take a walk in these shoes they don't give a fuck. People know not to fuck around just from my license plate, it says GRACIEBJJ, they know not to fuck with me unless they want to get their fucking arm broken. Fucking about 2 hours of driving i needed a steak, me and my niggers are ripped as fuck, need to keep up our protein. We eat a steak every fucking 2 hours to keep our ripped tight as selfs up to prime. Fucking get into this all you can eat steak place, fucking eat 70 some oz of steak in an hour and your dinner is free. These niggers didn't know who they were fucking with. Fucking ate 140 oz of steak each in about 25 minutes. Fucking waitress comes up and starts hitting on me, telling me I'm a real man and shit, wished there were more men like me around. Bitch puts her hand on my shoulder, i have quick reflexes and i thought i was being attacked. Fucking Broke her wrist like it was a twig, i was fucking pissed. I told the bitch to fucking watch herself around a gracie fighter. I've been perfecting my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for fucking 14 years, you don't fuck with that. I slapped her in the fucking face i was so pissed off. I would have left without paying if it wasn't for free. Bitch was on her knees holding her wrist in pain. I was waiting for some smart ass nigger to step up to me and fight, nobody fucking did shit. They all just sat there eating their 16oz steaks like little fucking pussies. Anyway yeah don't go eat at this fucking place it's full of fucking assholes, poor service too. Got my name up on that wall though, fucking world record for most steak eaten. My names fucking everywhere, famous and shit.
Uploaded 06/28/2008
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