My Ryan Dunn Accident Report

Based on the police press release, accident scene photos and my satellite detective work; according to the direction of travel and the time of the accident, I has deduce that Ryan Dunn was not likely traveling home from Barnaby's at 15 s. high st. West Chester. It appear he spent some time east of the bar's location, before heading west on 322 and overshooting his turn onto s. pottstown pike northbound. his car was going way too fast down a straight-away on 322 when he tried to take a sharp right turn onto s. pottstown pike. I think this was a foolhardy accident since the turn didn't sneak up on him, and he could've chosen to continue westbound and maneuver north shortly thereafter. It looks to this internet investigator as if he over-estimated his car's capabilities and/or his abilities as a driver. That, combined with speed and alcohol, is what caused the accident.

Site of the ill-fated turn -

Accident report and scene photos/video -

The Kong of Cool, Internet Investigator.

"Don't wait 2 weeks for the cops to tell you what I can within 24 hours"

Uploaded 06/20/2011
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