My science teacher told me...

Today my science teacher was telling the class about the earthquake and nuclear incidents in Japan. Some of the information she told us was scary, some was shocking, and some was just plain informative. Ok so, at the start of class she said that there was a earthquake in Japan blah blah blah. Then she showed us videos about the earthquake and how it swept everything away andthe Japanese people can't go outside and it is snowy and cold and that there is radioactivity in the ground because of the snow and that the Japanese people are hungry. The scary part about what she was telling us was that the earthquake moved Japan 13 feet closer to the U.S. (the country that I live in) and how the winds are blowing the radioactivity to Hawaii and that the Hawaiians are getting Potassiumiodide (KI) pills to prevent thyroid cancer and that the Japanese stores don't have any more pills. Also, if the other reactors blow up in Japan then we will be affected and it's not like we can move to Alaska because Russia is close to them and they are still suffering effects from the Chernobyl incident in Ukraine. Like, birth defects and other health problems like cancer. So, I am wondering is the United States safe if we go into fallout like we did in the 50s? The information that shocked me was the seawater that the Japanese are pumping into their reactors are causing the metal protecting shell inside to rust and become damaged so that the radioactive core will leak and cause catastrophic events if too much is leaked out. Finally, the information that was informative to me was that California was a bad area to live in, in the first place because it is on a fault line/plate. Thank you for reading this.
Uploaded 03/16/2011
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