My Shameful Secret

I've hid this for so many years and never even told one person about it. This is not easy because I guess there's no good way to tell something like this to anybody. I have no idea what people's reaction might be when I tell them. I can't hide it any longer, though. I've done it for so long. It's time to share this with someone.

I know a lot of people, especially the trolls here, are probably going to try to use this against me. Maybe write a blog about it. Spam my articles with hateful comments. I don't care about those faggots. A bunch of obsessed losers who can only bark and whore for my attention won't stand in my way. I'm much above that.

Secrets aren't easy to hide. I've put a lot of effort into hiding mine. It was difficult especially when I was shopping in a grocery store, where there's so many people around. Some you know, some you don't. You look around and think "Do they know?" But I've decided not to keep this thing just for myself. I have to confess you something....

I really like water melons. I could eat that stuff every day. More than that, I might be addicted to them. I try to shop at different stores, on different times of day. But still it's not easy to buy this thing. Once there was a lady at the counter who said "4 water melons? You must really like them." Piece of shit must've been new, cause she didn't know cashiers aren't allowed to chat with the customer in such a way. I quickly replied that I have black friends and left in a hurry.

I feel better now. I don't give a shit about what faggot-ass trolls think about my water melon addiction. I shit on you. You're nothing! You hear me? I'm corageous enough to have shared my weakness. If you can't realise the greatness of that act, you can go fuck yourself

Uploaded 07/21/2011
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