My son got kidnapped by his mother last year.

I wasn't able to share this due to the gag order, but my son got snatched by his mother last year.

I had enrolled my son at the elementary school next store to the middle school I taught at last year. This pissed my X off.  I told her he could either go to the school he was zoned for, where he went last year.  Or I could file for a zoning variance and have him go where I teach, making paying for after school care unnecessary.  I'd also be able to pick his teacher.  The X wanted him to go to school near where her mother lived.  This would make taking him to school convenient for her, but inconvenient for me.  It would also require me to use school district employee powers to get his zone variance.  I said "no way" and gave her a choice between where he was suppose to go, a really good school, or where I taught, the best elementary school in the third largest school district in the US with second place not even close.  She refused to choose between those two legal choices.  I made a command decision and enrolled him by me.

The Saturday before school started, she and her  mother said they'd like to take my son out to buy him some school clothes.  This was great due to the fact she was fucking me around on money, not sharing any of her paycheck to buy the kids food or to pay bills or mortgage on the house where they were living.

It was all a ruse.  They didn't intend to take him shopping at all.  Without my knowledge, Troll-wife had withdrawn him from the school I enrolled him, lied to the registrar at the school near her mother's about where he lived, and enrolled him there.  When I tried to pick him up on Sunday, she informed me that I was not going to see him until we appeared in front of a judge for an emergency hearing 30 days away.  Now keep in mind that she had not cared for either of the children for six months.  She had not been a mother two days in a row for either of them.  She snatched him from me, didn't tell him what the situation was, and didn't allow me to see him.  He thought I'd abandoned him rather than trying to see him every night.  

When I drove to her mother's house, where he was supposed to be staying, there was nobody there.  No cars were parked there.  No lights were on.  Nobody answered the door.  When I called her, she refused to say where they were.  I called the cops.  They told me it was a legal issue and not a criminal one.  Since there were no orders from a judge, they wouldn't issue a warrant for her arrest, but if I knew where my son was, they'd come and make sure I had access to him.

She did, however, leave me with my daughter.  Why would she kidnap one of my kids, but not the other?  Simple, my daughter was old enough to call bullshit on the deal.  What's more, mom doesn't really like her daughter enough to kidnap her.  I was a fucking mess.  I was going to be denied access to my son, whom I was the exclusive caregiver for over the last six months?  For 30 days?  That wasn't going to happen.

I used school district employee powers to find out where he was registered and if he was in attendance.  I took a half day on the Friday the first week of school to pick him up early and bring him home.  When I got there to pick him up, I found that his mother had not included me in his registration documents.  As far as the school was concerned, my son had no father.  Even using school district employee powers, I could not legally take him out of class to take him home.  

Being a district employee, I see shit like this happen a lot.  When there's a conflict between two parents, both parents try to convince administration that the other parent is the fucking asshole.  When the registrar and the principal saw she intentionally left me off the registration documents and lied about where his primary residence was, it removed all doubt who the asshole was and they tried to accommodate me the best they could.  They said I could wait for him to be released from class, pick him up, and drive me home.  They said if there was a conflict with picking him up with his mother, they would call the cops and let them sort it out.  I was ready to call the cops before I even went outside to pick him up.

It turns out, his grandmother was waiting to pick him up.  She shit a brick when she saw me, frantically mashing numbers on her phone to tell her asshole daughter what was happening.  I walked up to her car and knocked on the window.  "I'm taking him home.  If you try to stop me, lay a finger on him, or raise your voice, you're going to be arrested.  The principal is going to stand right next to us to make sure you can't take him home and is going to call metro the second you do anything."

My son, who hadn't seen me in a week, shit his pants when he say me.  He grabbed his teacher, "Ms. Soandso, that's my father!  That's my dad!  My dad is picking me up!"  He was overcome with relief and emotion.  His grandmother came up and tried to say goodbye to him.  He turned his head away from her and refused to acknowledge her.

The hardest thing I had to do was to give him back to his mother in the morning.  I didn't want to withdraw him from the school where he was and enroll him where I'd had him, because his mother would just withdraw him and re-enroll him where she wanted.  That wouldn't do him any good and I figured it would demonstrate to the judge that I wasn't the fucking psycho in the situation.

He cried like a baby when I dropped him off at his mother's the next day.  He begged me not to give him back, even though I assured him I wouldn't be kept from seeing him anymore.  It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, give his psycho mother access to him again.

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