my sox

i found something creepy recently. im hoping im not the only one who has discovered this.
my socks follow me where ever i go.

sounds odd. but its true. i wash my socks. i pair them up. then i line them up on my dresser. i like to count them after i wash them. i have a wide array of socks. my favorite are my wool socks that i wear with my mules. wool socks keep my feet warm.

my other favorite socks are my white socks with the nike swoosh. they are blue and really soft. they are put at the top of the line up because i can throw them around the room and not break anything.

One thing I don't do with my socks is smell them. they are pretty to look at, but i would be afraid to put my nose on them. sometimes there is an odor like that of a two week old diaper that wafts up from my shoes. this would mean, i think, that my socks are swarming in bacteria and are unsafe to use for various things other than to provide cover for my feet.

i was just wondering what other people do with their socks.
Uploaded 04/09/2011
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