My take on EBW bloggers things I learned from lurking

1. Neko does run this shit.  If you say she doesn't, you're deluded.

2. Fetismo is a hop, skip, and a jump from the looney bin.

3. Tomlet is a PIMP and it ain't easy.

4. Rednote takes this internet shit too seriously.  Strike that.  Everyone takes this internet shit too seriously.

5. Tyaeda has a 500 word or less requirement on all comments.

6. SJG is substantially less angry and it's very cool.

7.  No U is Deevo.  Or if not, they should meet up and fuck to horrible music.

8.  ZeroEnygma must blog about every thought that comes into his head, two at a time.  If not, the terrorists win.

9. Garadain's election was rigged by the Bush campaign managers.

10. Slackjaw and frogbob are trying too hard to fit in.

11.  MajorFathead, Keld0n, SJG, and numerous others are actually good writers who deserve a better audience.

12. Dread is fed up with all of you....but loves you.  He's like the EBW youth group leader.

13. Most of you know who is really writing this.

Have a great day!
Uploaded 07/15/2011
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