my take on life

alright, after posting a convo a friend and i had a couple of year ago got some interesting comments, i figured i'd post this. its something i wrote on my piczo site earlier this year when in a shitty mood. enjoy, and please do comment.


I've learnd that life can be hard, through my own life - even if i haveven't been in it for that long - and by trying to help others. But you have to make the best of it. You can't live the future in the past and hope that one day things will all be back to the way thay once were. Don't blame yourself for things you have no controll over. Don't try and fix other peoples problems untill you fix your own. Smile and laugh over good times because it happened rather than cry becuase it's gone. Life goes on. Ignoring you problems and drinking them away wont make things better, only a thousand times worse. No matter how hard it is, try and fix the problem, give it your best shot. If you can't fix it, be glad you tried and u know you did the best you can. Don't think the world is over after a break up, the wound will heal, it may take a very long time, but hang in there, it will heal. Don't end life because something seems impossible to get over, or it seems like your all alone. Someone loves you and cares about you. Don't let them down. Don't change who you are and your beliefes to get atention or gain friends. You may lose your real friends. JUst be yourself and be liked for who you are, instead of being liked for who your not.

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