My Take On Religion

Why is it that the majority of christians are reluctant to understand why others doubt a belief in god or a higher power? Why must christians feel the need to judge someone's own beliefs and slander or dislike them because their views don't match those of their christian relatives or friends? They have no control over what someone chooses to believe, as do non-believers. Agnostics are some of the most peaceful people on earth in my opinion. Anyone who doubts god's existence receives a cold shoulder and subjective, harsh reactions from family, friends, peers and society, whom they thought would love them regardless of their beliefs. Just because christians get offended by my/our voluntary doubt in this higher power (god) does not mean that your beliefs are indeed correct and neither are mine/ours. I just have a hard time fathoming why christians seem extremely more judgemental of a doubters beliefs than a doubter, like me, does of a christians beliefs. Whatever any religious denominations believe, is fine with me, BUT the empathy and compassion is not reciprocated. Why do they think I am the asshole for not following what they have been nurtured to believe, as was I, until I realized that morality and compassion are innate, without the belief in a higher power such as jesus or god? Wasn't jesus about empathy, compassion and understanding? Instead of hating someone because they are gay, pro-choice, pro-life etc etc, or something else you choose not to understand, then why not try to understand why they are that way? You just might make a friend or learn something new. Hating someone for their beliefs because they are not congruent with yours seems childish and close-minded. Next time you have a horrible car accident and come out with minimal bodily harm, why not thank the engineers who built the safety mechanisms of your vehicle? Luck too often gets mistaken with a higher power watching over us that day. The bottom line is this: If prayer makes you feel better, then go for it. It's all good with me. Just don't look down on someone who doesn't share the same religious beliefs as you.
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