My Undying Love

I met this beautiful lady. She is purer than snow. whenever I see her, all i can think of is happy thoughts. Even on a rainy day she brightens up my life. 

The fact is, we have arranged to meet on the first of may. I'm kinda worried about it, because she is way above my league. 

I'll be taking her to one of my favorite restaurants, it has 3 Michelin stars, only the best for this gal. Then after, I thought we could catch a movie, whatever she would like to see. Obviously, I'll be paying for it all. Not that I need to buy her love. she is a down to earth kinda person.

After this I would take her home in my moderate priced car and walk her to her house. I'd give her a big hug and a peck on the cheek, saying, I hope we can do this again sometime. Hopefully she will say, "yes of course, I'd love to do this again."

This is the end of my blog. I'll post the follow up on the 2nd of May. Fingers crossed, it'll be a happy blog and not one of heart break. I really like her and I hope we can maybe steady date.

Feel free to rate and comment this blog. I'd appreciate your input. If you're going to be trolling, there will be no reply from me. Wish me luck, guys!

Uploaded 04/28/2012
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