My Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day last week was well...eventful. But I still hate myself for doing a few mindless things.

My boyfriend and I went out to eat and played some Club Keno at this little place about a half hour from our house. After that, we went on home for about an hour until open bowling at a local bowling place was open at 9. We only played one game because people were starting to come in and a group of douchebags sat at our table, so we decided to leave. We went to a bar nearby to play some more Club Keno and had a few drinks. Even though I didn't drink much, I blacked out. I must've accidentally taken two Zolofts along with a Xanax because I was gone. I woke up the next morning with the biggest pain in the back of my head, shoulder, and back. Here's what apparently happened.

Leaving the bar, I fell down by the pool table. We had a taxi come pick us up and I was unable to walk anymore, so Jon had to carry me. When we got home, he set me down for a minute and I instantly fell backwards into the door, which busted part of it, and then on the porch extremely hard. As I get up, I start throwing up everywhere. I go into the bathroom and fall into the shower, and busted my head again on the toilet.

I slept for most of the next day. I couldn't seem to wake up. This happened a few times this week where I would constantly pass right back out. Everything stopped hurting until today. It kills and I can't even sleep right now.

Hooray for stupid drunken mistakes and then whining about it.

Uploaded 02/22/2010
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