My Vegetarian Boyfriend

so...i saw the blog that ferret posted about stupid vegans...and i cant say that i dissagree. in fact, my boyfriend is vegetarian and i have to deal with the shit everyday of my life. he was overweight in highschool (230) and since becoming a vegetarian, he is down at a healthy weight (160) he obviously contributes this weight loss to vegetarianism. my view on the whole thing is that before he became a vegetarian, he simply shovled his face full of whatever food was placed in front of him. now, he actually has to take the time to choose the correct foods andprepare them accordingly. is it the fact that a vegetarian diet is the healthiest way for a human being to eat? or is it that he is now more aware of what goes into his body? he could just as easily throw a piece of chicken into that vegetarian stir-fry and not have to eat his weight in peanut butter that day. studies have shown that vegetarians who don't take daily vitamins and supplements have health problems later on in life. and i know noone even gives a shit about this but heres a few things you might not realize about vegetarians if you didnt know one.

when we go to family functions...holidays, birthdays, etc, he goes there expecting not to eat. its pretty common for a good intentioned family member to suggest he just pick the meat out of his food. well theres just big chunks of could push them to the side. what they fail to realize is the food has touched meat and is contaminated. (sounds crazy i know) imagine im cooking a big pot of shit stew. lol its got green beans, carrots, corn, potatoes...and nice big chunks of shit. i could just pick the shit out right?

we can never go to fast food places and sometimes not even restuarants. even if they have fries or something seemingly vegetarian friendly, theres a chance they might have cooked them in the same oil as the fried chicken strips or fish.

grocery shopping can be really tedious...if he finds some new product he thinks he might like to try, he has to sit there and every ingredient. and if he doesnt know what one is, he wont buy it. this came about because we used to make those crisp crust sure you've heard of them. i love the little things. and he would get the cheese ones...and thought everything was alright cuz there was nothing on the label that said meat on it. and one day he decided to look up this one ingredient that he wasnt sure about. rennet. enzymes found in sheep or cow stomach. needless to say...that was the last time we shared one of those little pizzas.

you know how sometimes, girls cant finish all their food. lol could be be just me but whatever. and usually, their boyfriend can just be like a garbage disposal and scarf down whatever they dont finish. not mine. i feel bad about going out somtimes and wasting food. or even if i have something like ribs or steak...and its really good and i want him to try it too, he never can.

we cant share drinks. if he just cooked up some nice little veggie meal...and im sittin there gnawin on some pigs i can never innocently reach over and try some of his juice or whatever hes got.

lol im not allowed to kiss him after eating meat. some ppl might say this is too far, but i try to put myself in his shoes. i use the whole meat=shit scenario. if your girlfriend/boyfriend just ate a heaping helping of shit, would you want their lips all over you? or to be a bit more realistic, what if they just ate rattlesnake or fisheggs or spam..or something that repulses you.

he doesnt eat skittles...or jello. and he doesnt use a microwave just for health reasons...sure its alot more healthy but christ...taking a microwave away from a teenager is like taking diapers away from the elderly...we dont really need diapers or microwaves....but its a hell of a lot more convenient.

i guess the upside to my boyfriend being so picky is that he makes most of our meals, most of the time. as for me, if its food, ill usually eat it. i eat a lot healthier now and dont spend as much money on fast food.




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