My week of fun

Last Thursday, I thought about calling off because I was feeling like shit but I figured, hey, I'd try it. On my way to work however, I was feeling god awful. I went in and talked to my general manager and though he wasn't very happy about letting me go home, he told me I couldn't work if I was sick.


I decide to go into urgent care. The doctor in there tests me and finds out that I'm severely dehydrated. They hook me up to an IV and put 2 liters of fluid in me. They take blood, urine and stool samples to check me out for any infections or E.coli and the like. I call work and talk to my GM again and tell him what's going on. My doctor tells me that I cannot return in work because I could infect everyone else.


So, I look online to see what my schedule is for this week and I'm off all week. Fine. It makes sense. Yesterday, a manager called me and asked me where I was. I told her that I was at home. She informs me that I was supposed to be in to work at 4:15. She called at 5:17. I tell her my situation, she gives me a little grief and takes me off the rest of the schedule. I've called Urgent Care twice now, today and yesterday wanting my results but a sample isn't back yet so they won't sign the release form so I can go back to work.


I call today and talk to another manager and inform HIM about whats going on. So now everyone knows. I've got bruises all over me from the needles and just yesterday did I feel totally up to par. Now it's just irritating. I want to go back to work and I feel like my managers think that I'm faking it. I have all the paperwork and everything but I just feel like they think I made everything up. God, this is a pain. This might be the only time I'll say it: I want to go back to work!

Uploaded 08/05/2008
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