My weekend story.....A.K.A a real blog

Friday night was just a normal night for me, i went out for some chinese food and kicked it with a few friends.

Cruising around town burning gas cuz im not rich and its fun to burn gas that costs like 5:20 a gallon out. Other than that it was a typical night. I didnt do much really.

Saturday night was much different. Went out for some italion food and it was great. I <3 chicken parmesan its amazing. Besides that i go to a party and hang out which when i got there it wasnt really to good but i invitied like 15 people over and it was cool then. I didnt have any booze tho but i didnt really care. Beer sucks and i wasnt drinking it.

Few hours passed and i finally wanted to get some liqour so i ask sum1 to go buy me some cuz im 18 blah blah yeah you know the story. So ends up i got a litre of Canadian Leaf......totally shitty whiskey. I mixed it with root beer and Dr.Pepper and a few others trying to get a feel for it.

Still it sucked. Horribly bad. I kinda got pissed cuz everyone started whipping out weed and stuff here. I dont smoke weed and i dont particularly like it. Actually i dont like it at all. I ask everyone to go smoke in there car or something. Well that didnt happen they sit in the living room with like 15 blunts passin that shit around.

Hours and hours of rolling and smoking. It got really bad in the house it was terribly smelly.

Anywho after the weed craze was over with, by this time i was feeling pretty good, the po po's showed up for us being to loud. OMG I KNOW THEY HAD TO SMELL THIS SHIT. I walked outside and i could smell the shit leaking out. Its bad when i sit in there for 2 houts and walk out and can still smell it. I smelled like alcohol and weed too. THankfully the cop was #250. I guy i know here who is awesome as shit and gets my ass outta lots of trouble.

They told us to be quiet blah blah yeah you know this shit to im sure. After them leacing i just went inside and grabbed my bottle outta the freezer and chugged as much as i could straight. It was terrible. Horrible. Nasty. Burning like hell on its way down i chased it with my rootbeer and whiskey. So chasing whiskey with whiskey was great too. Ugh not..........

Someone i got home last night and had Mc.Donalds and another bottle of liqour i dont remember having. I had to stash that shit in my old pick-up XD this truck has saved my ass many times b4.

Im done writing now its effin 3:08 am and i got 10 hours of college tommorrow it sucks balls. And to my fellow groupies of the new group. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHICH GROUP I AM TALKING me....Mr Phuck_eBaum for moderator. "IF we decide to do that"

Uploaded 09/15/2008
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