My zombie plan

So I see everyone commenting on the future Zombie apocalypse and I figured Id put in my opinion.


                Alright the first thing I would do is head to the local school.  These buildings are seriously created to be just like prisons.  Especially older ones.  These buildings are also filled with supplies that youll need.  Go to the wood shop and youll find a good amount of lumber, tools, and flammable liquids.


                The cafeteria will have food, drinks, spices, cook wear and even cleaning solutions.  Dont forget there may be side things there as well.  Like steel wool which can be used to start a fire if need be. 


                Art classes will have paints, canvases;  these can be used to make signs for the exterior of the school.  To let other survivors know where you are.   Another great thing is that the materials in the art classes can help stave off boredom.


                Gyms are an amazing feature.  Most schools have a weight room.  One should begin to train themselves physically to not only help survive, but once again to help pass time.  Another side benefit is the gym uniforms.  They can be gathered to use as insulators for interior rooms.  Why is this important?  During the zombie apocalypse the electrical grid is going to shut off at some point.  When that happens say good bye to the heat system.  Youre going to need to insulate a room against the cold.


                I would bring a few simple items with me.  A titanium crowbar.  This is heavy duty material that can stand up to numerous beatings.  Unlike a steel pipe or bat a titanium crowbar is not hollow and will not begin to deform after repeated blows to the skulls of zombies.


                Second item would be a machete.  A crowbar is nice for a single zombie, but for multiple youre going to have a better chance at cutting heads off then placing well aimed blows.  Cut the zombies heads off and smash them with the crowbar latter.


                Another item will be a lighter.  A zippo lighter will be best.  I will also bring with me a few bottles of lighter fluid.  When winter comes youre going to need to make small fires to keep warm.  Also they can be used to fill up glass bottles to make cocktail bombs.


                I would bring 2 firearms.  A .22 rifle and a .22 pistol.  I know theyre not powerful weapons by any stretch.  But a .22 round can pierce bone.  This is great for head shots since the bullet will enter the skull and then ricochets around inside the cavity.  This will kill any zombie.  The .22 rounds also are great because they are so light.  A person can carry hundreds more rounds than they would be able to if they were carrying something like a shot gun.  Another benefit to the .22 is that they make magnum rounds.  They are slightly longer and have more power.  I personally have a revolver that can be switched between regular rim fire rounds and magnum rounds. 


                After a few days I would start to venture out of the school to hit up local stores and homes for supplies.  Things like spices will become commodities, as will alcohol.  SO I figure stock up on them to trade with people who pass through.  Another thing to look for would be lumber, soil, seeds for vegetables, and water purifier pumps.


                After a few weeks I would begin to reclaim the area.  First by luring Zombies to the school and picking them off with well-placed shots from the roof.  After most of the ambient zombies are dealt with I would begin to venture out with other survivors and start clearing the local houses one by one.  While doing this Id also scavenge more supplies.  It would be my hope that by the end of the first 2 months after the infections began that the area within a 2 mile radius of the school would be cleared.



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