MyFLy's 9-11

 Today is September 11th, 2012. The acts of terrorism that occured eleven years ago are still fresh on our minds, especially a video showing both impacts. Thank you to all veterans, and those currently serving, for keeping my ass and this country safe. Generosity was second to none on 9/11/01 from the American people. People helped and asked why later. Some gave their lives while others gave money, supplies, food, love, empathy, shelter, drive, determinattion, anything they could give. Every year on 9/11, heros should be mentioned again. Rightly so. I think every month on the 11th something needs to be said to bring back a positive morale to my fellow Americans, a sense of community, which can manifest itself inside the brains of my beautiful, patriotic, fellow Americans . Unfortunately, in the times we live in, technology has become our friend and foe. Our friend in that it's the most awesome fucking thing ever and our foe in that we rely, rely, rely, depend, depend, depend on it so much that if we don't see it, we forget it, naturally. The attitudes we need to have towards each other on a daily basis need to be as strong everyday as they are today on the 11th!! Now-a-days people are rushing people, we expect more. And for what? we have no empathy towards others' plight. Why not? We worry more about our facebook posts than we do about compost. While soldiers are still fighting the war that the acts of 9/11/01 caused upon this great nation and the Bush Presidencies reaction could have started to handle what the current President it dealing with now but i digress. My problem is that a good majority of people here in America don't feel empathy until they themselves are in a bad situation. They don't ask for help. Then it's your fault. My personal take on daily life is simple. I listen to my friends, i cherish conversations with my pops and little brother. i love my dog, i say hi to random people because we're only a couple of beers away from knowing someone who knows someone whom we both know. i like helping people. All I'm saying is the empathy, the honesty, the awesomeness of enjoying life. Thank you Soldiers and Vets for giving me freedom. Thank you Mom and Dad.
Uploaded 09/11/2012
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