Name That Quote!

Announcer:  Hey-yo!!! And welcome to "Name that Quote!" The association game which matches terms with the phrases and statements they correctly describe! And what better way would "Name That Quote!" really pop without our all-new Christian quote edition? Cash and prizes abound in this new game show if YOU can properly (audience cheers in unison) "NAME THAT QUOTE!"


And now, your host, Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob Boner!


Bob Boner:
Hey, America! Bob Boner here with a special Christian quote edition of your favorite game show and mine, (audience cheers in unison) "NAME THAT QUOTE!" They're stupid, they're unbelievable, they're ridiculous quotes by Christian zealots, and the object of the game is to match the quote with the fallacy terms which properly describe them..."


"I find it almost comical how unbelievers will blame a God they donât believe in, but they will not let evolution take the blame for amputees not being able to heal."

Defender of Christianity

"I have never claimed God was proveable. But neither is evolution. If it is, grab yourself a monkey and evolve me a man"


"With the upcomming trip to Mars. And Nasa wanting to find life on it, will make it so that everything will have to be rethinked and retheorized. Plans to replace evolution as the starting point for life have already been implied. Movies like: Mission to Mars pretty much showed what the theory was all about."


"I believe that the words of Jesus in other languages are what he said, but they are always translated into God's heavenly language afterwards."


"Anti-Creationists have been known to lie and misrepresent. They have also been known to spread those lies and misrepresentations."

Joe G

"Has anyone ever dealt with a demon that makes you constantly tired? Almost like "its" keeps you from doing anything for God or anyone?"


"I donât believe that global warming is happening. I donât believe that humans can destroy a globe that they didnât create. Besides, after the entire history of the universe (only 6K years), how much damage could we have done?"


"I would have a problem voting for any one who is not a Christian, regardless of the political party. I also consider a vote for a Democrat to be a vote against God. Democrats are the ones who want to take God out of everything. I am not saying all Republicans believe in God, but they are not trying to get Him out of America either."


"You have been brainwashed and can only think inside your scientific box."


"For those that think the Bible has "fiction" in it: what part(s)?"


"We Christians have been laying low for too long, but we´re slowly being pushed into militancy by " pseudo- scientists like yourselves. True, we did burn down all them 'pagan' libraries 2000 years ago and the world was better off for it. Nothing wrong a´bout fresh starts."

The Ascetic Crusader

"I'm basically scoffing at the evolutionist idea of cavemen. I'm saying 'Cavemen?! Hah! You think the Tower of Babel back there was made by cavemen?!?"


"Common sense is a stumbling block in the path to a democrat run America."


[Would you rather have a not so bright Christian leading the country, or a smart atheist?]
"I'll go with the not so smart Christian.
Atheist have no solid moral base to stand on - they change their ideas of what is morally permissible with science or politics. This is due to a lack of objective truth (God) and no sense of ultimate justice for our wrong doings. No matter how smart the world thinks an atheist is, remember he is in reality, insane."

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