Naming your Bong

Is it me or naming your bong just as important as naming your pet or child? Your bong is something that brings great joy to your life and that feel-good feeling you get walking out of the smoke shop with your new buddy makes you want to get more and more for they all have a quality that makes them unique. But with that joy and happiness your bong can give you, like all people, pets, and living organisms alike, your bong will die. Every bong ive had has lasted no more the 3 months. When they die, its a sad day for you and you find friends asking Where is your bong? After you here that, question a tear, a single tears comes from your eye and you answer, He's in a better place now......

Some of my bongs and their demise:

Mr, Bongjangles - The magical Mr. bongjangles would some how and i do not lie, create weed. Weed would just appear inside him, all ready to be lit up. He ran away though that mr. bongjangles probably to bring joy to another pot smoking group.

Elonzo- Named after denzel washingtons character in training day, Elonzo was a bong that would not quit. Well he quit after he fell off a table to his death. Nothing hurts more then watching your bong fall off a table. Time slows down and you know, the end is near

Matheson- He got his name from the cool black guy in pineapple express. Matheson was killed while being cleaned. A friend of mine went to clean the water, dropped him in the sink, and he shattered. The sound of Matheson smashing against the sinks surface still haunts me to this day.

Current Bong - Uncle Eddy. Uncle Eddy got his name from the Uncle on the show grounded for life who was defiently smoking up. Uncle eddy stands at 2 feet. blue and white and all glass. Hes a good man and i hope that he will not suffer the same future as the bongs who came before him...... But who am i kidding? Its just a matter of time.

Lets hear about some of the names you chose for your bong and although i wish your bongs the best, if they are now in bong heaven, share with us how if its not to painful for you to relive that moment....

Uploaded 05/19/2009
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