I've watched a documentary about the dangers of Nascar racing today. It's surprising how many dangers await at the stadium. For example, there was this case where one of the pit stop crewmen left a screwdriver in one of the cars' gaps. It fell out during the race and popped another car's tire. The car flipped over and exploded, killing the driver.

Next there was a situation where a whole wheel got detached when a car hit an obstacle. It went straight for the audience. It hit and decapitated a woman.

You still think Nascar is fun? Or that the fence keeps you safe? A couple got killed by a falling fence during a Nascar show.

It's not only the cars that pose danger. There were many people who slipped onto unsecured pipes or broken benches. There was even this one track that was very old and when something exploded, the pillars didn't hold the roof. It collapsed and crushed 3 people. 2 died instantly, one went into a coma and died in the hospital.

The movie is very realistic and dreadful. In case you want to watch it yourself, it's called "Final Destination 4." Even if you're not a fan of documentaries and you're the type who never adds Discovery Channel to their cable option, you still might like to watch it. You'd be surprised how many dangers await on a stupid racing track

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