Needles, cars, and politics "as usual"

I had my second of three injections in my back and I am happy to say that I am starting to get some success out of them. I hurt like hell right now because of where they put the needle.  Next week is my final injection and I will be glad its over but enough of that here is what I came to say.


Cash for clunkers is in my opinion something that can actually work I mean a down right good way to raise car sales, manufacturing, and parts but the problem is that its in the hands of the devil himself "car salesmen" and here is a true story. Lady goes in and gets a total price for a 2009 Honda, tax and all it came to $22,000.00. This was three days before the program started and when she went in to get the clunker money taken off the price something odd happened..............the car was now $24,000.00. I wonder what happened there, do you think its possible that salesman are taking advantage of the government and the customer? This is why the program will fail eventually it is pure GREED and we are supposed to feel sorry for these dealerships? I am not a republican and I am not a democrat as a matter of fact if it were up to me I would get rid of both parties. Just call me "American" and right now we are ALL getting screwed except wallboy who gets to say he won something for once. Wallboy reminds me of a guy who walks in after a fight beat to hell screaming "I WON I WON" oh yes you are a winner and with that kind of reasoning we all are but I just dont feel like one, funny huh? I watched Clinton and the two young girls get off that plane and the first thing I thought about was how the two media outlets were going to twist this to their agenda. I just dont care, who or what allowed those girls to get set free as long as it was done. Just like those girls and this country I dont care who gets it done just get it done.

Thanks for reading Bohank

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