Neighborly love

It was a Tuesday night mid semester, and nothing special was occurring, until the neighbor came over and said hey lets fuck. Yes this sounds fantastic, but there are details that have not been said. Now every zoo member is 21 or 22 years old so we are ready to slay dragons at every moment. Now back to our neighbor, to describe her best, think of the movie big mommas house. Shes a 39 year old black women, extremely overweight, has a daughter older than every member in the zoo, and a husband in prison. Lets just say the deed needed to be done and this zoo member was going to step up to the plate and hit this home run.

Long story short the zoo member went over to big mommas house, and she started to sing gospel love songs to him. Before he went over there he, watched porn so he could get hard, and popped a form of Viagra horney goat weed. After that it got a little blurry, but needless to say the deed got done. Big momma wanted the cock and the zoo supplied it. Since he didnt want to get a disease he only obtained a hand job. Due to the supplement and skill this woman had he busted a massive load and hit her in the face, along with his shirt. Right after the zoo member busted he went back home, it was around 3 am but all his roommates remained up. As soon as the zoo member walked through the door the spunk on his shirt was noticed, and every roommate started to shit on his life. He immediately hopped in the shower and disinfected his whole body. Lesson learned dont take Viagra type supplements unless you want to bust a massive nut in a bitches face.

Uploaded 10/06/2011
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