Neko Kicks Ass Once Again

Dramas are the best thing about the blog section. That's the truth. The drama blogs get the most views and comments. Neko mastered the art of troll ownage to such perfection, a bunch of angry dimwits rile up every time they see this beautiful angel post a comment or blog. Gijoe is one of the many examples of how the Neko Punch works. Neko enthralls the poor soul in a way it becomes obsessed so much, it can't think of anything other than the gorgeous blogger who kicked their ass.

The recent events are a great example on how easy it is for MrsNekoJeans to manipulate weak minds. Apparently, Gijoe is certain that Neko is Specstorm, another user which is also an account made in early 2007. Based on this theory, he claims that Neko is a guy, who's not Australian among other things. But how do you know Neko is Specstorm? Or that Specstorm is male? It's simple. You said that Neko claimed to be Specstorm. So it must be true, then. But does this mean....?


Neko is Dawnthief AND Specstorm? It's a pic from one of the galleries you posted. There was a lot of pictures there, I guess it's not because you have some kind of a mental illness that makes you so obsessed with that user. There must be some other explanation for spending hours looking through somebody's comment history and screencapping over 200 of them. I can't come up with one right now.

Now open Neko's profile page. Do you see the groups there? At the bottom there's the Verified Baumshells group. It means MrsNekoJeans is a verified Baumshell.


How about the facebook part? If you say that the facebook Neko linked to belongs to someone else, why is there "Owning Whiny Bitches At Ebaumsworld" among the Activities there? Didn't someone say they got pmed by Neko on facebook from that account? So another of your theories proved to be bullshit, Gijoe.

Here's my theory and facts.

I doubt Gijoe is a man. He's a whiny little snot-noses 12-year old. Or a jealous girl. My proof? His blogs.

Thank you.

Uploaded 08/09/2011
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