Neko-punching Another Bitch Out Of My Section Again

The bloggers in my Blogs section were living in harmony for this whole week. A great number of excellent blogs was written and new bloggers arrived to share their articles with us. I've even proposed a treaty with Tyaeda and she blogs normally now, as we coexist in peace in my section. No stupid dramas, all are happy. Trolls can't stand it, naturally, so another whiny bitch had to come back to bark at me for some attention.

The aforementioned attention whore is Letemdangle. Why does he hate me so much? The guy used to post lots of blogs every day and if you open his profile, you can easily count that there's over 500 of his article uploads there. Why did I use the words "article uploads"? Because I can't say all of them are his blogs or articles. That's probably why he's waving his tail at me. A long time ago I copypasted a part of one of his blog uploads to google and found where he got his article from. I've told him that he should put the source of the article if he posts it as his blog here, otherwise he's plagiarizing. No telling how many articles he's stolen and claimed as his. You've probably noticed he doesn't write many blogs nowadays, and when he does, it's usually one paragraph with an embedded clip. Pathetic, isn't it?

He could just keep posting his blogs normally, but instead, he's became obsessed with me, because I've made him look like a bitch. To make the long story short - he was making hateful drama blogs attacking me in an infantile and uncouth manner, often using his alts. He was 1starring my every article. Typical attention whore. Because I'm intellectually superior, I've ignored him, but at some point he's crossed the line and had to be Neko-punched. He wrote a standard whiny blog about leaving the website and "left." Meaning he posted his idiotisms from his LuckyLucia alt instead. I guess he hoped that someone's gonna beg him to stay. Nobody cared, so he returned after a few days.

I guess he now thinks everybody's forgotten that he's a plagiarizing drama queen, so he's back to posting his pointless rant.

Do us real bloggers a favor and either stay away from my section or stop acting like a 14-year old boy who pulls girls by their hair for attention. You're not welcome here by the bloggers. I proved you to be stealing other people's articles, so I understand you're angry that I owned you, but you've got to calm down and stop being a dramatic bitchboy. Calling me an idiot only proves your low mental capacity and that you're extremely childish.

You've just been Neko-punched.

I suggest you take some painkillers. And valerian to calm down

Uploaded 07/31/2011
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