LMAO, I bet most of you have already determined what this blog is about!  This PROVES how weak minded you are.  BRILLIANT people will consider the words in the title.  I did not say MrsNekoJeans rules--even though that is most certainly absolutly true.  If I were talking about her, though, I would have had to have added "Drop Dead to die for GORGEOUS" in the title.  "Drop Dead to Die for Gorgeous Neko Rules!" would have been the title.  No,  I said NEKO RULES.  This title does not do MrsNekoJeans justice, and is not about her, so put your troll pads away.  Rin, retract your claws (for now).  (I know, you didn't read this.)


     What is Neko?  Do you even know?  I'll give you a hit to part of its meaning.  Look at MrsNekoJeans' avatar.  What animal does she look like she's emulating?  A cat?  That is the literal translation of the word Neko.  How many of you out there, who claim to be a WORDSMITH, knew that?   I don't see too many hands right now.  But, there is more to it than that.  There is a Neko Nation.  Yes, they hold events all over Australia.  As a matter of fact, there is an event on Saturday May 28, 2011 at bar 138.  Sushi is served to the gamers in an event held by a club that is about more than just anime.  They get into the true culture of Japan.  Now, I don't know how many of you are from Down Under, but those of you who are, have you been to one of these events?  Again, I do not see very many hands.


     Rules? In which context was I using this word?  Was I using it as verb, or an adjective?  Well, If I were using it as an adjective, I would certainly be speaking without authority as I have never been to one of these events, having never been to Australia myself.  Though I would certainly like to go to one should the opportunity ever arise.  No, I was referring to the rules or set of standards of NEKO. 


     The first rule, and very important, is that you must be at least 18 years old to work there.  They did not specify whether that age was physical or mental.  I'm sure they meant physical age; but don't worry, if they meant mental I'm sure you can see a PSYCHOLOGIST and soon catch up to where you should be.  It also required good looks, a cute and bubbly attitude, and a strong interest in anime and Japanese culture.


    The other rules are pretty much participation specific.  They have 6 functional areas.  Those areas are Recon Teams, Street Teams, Door Kitties, Photographers, Sponsors, and DJs.


     Recon teams look for people to participate in the event.  They scout the areas and try to unite the people into a massive and amazing Neko Nation in their area.  This sounds fairly straight forward.  I would imagine (check with them for clarification) that this would be much like a recruiter, therefore the rule here would be to know how to motivate people.  Just sparking interest is not good enough.  You actually have to make enough of an impression to cause a physical reaction AFTER you are gone.  MrsNekoJeans does that well, if you need lessons, ask her.  I'm sure she would be willing to give you some of her very good advice.


     Street teams sound fun to me.  They go around hanging posters, and passing out fliers. The rule here is that you do not have to pass things out to random strangers.  They want you to pass the information on to your friends and post it on your facebook.  If you do not have a facebook profile, I suggest you read this BEFORE you attempt to set one up:


     While "Door kitty" probably conjures up lude and lascivious ideas in the minds of you trolls, the literary achitect can appreciate the beauty of this title.  These people, acting professionally, are the customer service representatives.  They must politely greet every person, making sure they feel welcomed, and important.  They keep track of ticket and door sales.  The rule here is to be polite, professional, and courteous.


     Photographers are needed throughout all phases of the event.  They can be used to assist with fliers, as well as in the event itself.  This is not an easy job, though.  This is not point and click.  This is a low light event, and you must be good.  Of course, the need to be good with people is a must as well; but they allow photographers a lot of freedom with their work position.


     Sponsorship involves giving; another concept that may be obscure to some of you.  They want sponsors to provide prizes for the event in return for advertizing exposure.  They may also allow you to set up a sales / demo booth at the event.


     Last, but certainly not least are DJs.  The groovy thing here is that experience is not required.  All they want is knowledge and love of music, even if it is only for a specific genre.


     My authority to publish this blog is Multifold.  First, and most important from an Ebaumsworld representative's perspective, is they ask for this information to be passed on even if you are not interested in it yourself; therefore I am not infringing upon any copyright issues.  This can be found on their website.  Second, and equally important, is artistic license.  This blog is meant to show you trolls out there, that there is a whole culture available to you that you probably were not even aware of, yet you try to emulate it without research or professional perspective.  You will claim to know of something that does not even exsist without even as much as using google to gain insight to it.  For an example of this, see (now, Rin, you may lash out, but yes, I know, you didn't read this.)  My final authority came from the last paragraph of


     In summary, learn not to judge a title so quickly, they may not be what they appear.  Explore your area for events in your realm of interests.  Know what you are talking about before you post, and do not claim knowledge of something that you are unsure of.  Expand your knowlege by trying things you have not done before, and using the internet as a source of information (not a sole source, though).  And finally, I accomplished the goal set before me by the master herself and most of you probably don't even have a clue what that means.

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