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Recently I wrote a blog about this section going to shit. Blogs were getting 8 views and why wouldn't they? Most of the people blogging here are boring and try to push their own opinions onto others in a very brusque way. The moment Neko wrote a blog which was a spin off of a blog series by Artman4444 called Crook Takes Pawn (almost every part was getting less than a dozen views), it seemed like the trolls here reawakened from their sleep in hopes they could whore for some attention.

It's amazing how Neko's blogs got over 200 views in a few days when others only get a dozen? Not surprisingly, Neko's got a lot of subscribers and friends. Unlike you, who need alts to thumb yourselves up and rate down everybody you don't like. It's kind of sad, how much time do you spend lurking here, logging onto new accounts to get those meaningless thumbs for your alts? Yes, alts, because suddenly names that usually don't show up here became interested with Neko's masterpiece of a story. I enjoyed the blog, I read the whole thing. Unlike the trolls, apparently, because many of them commented with their hateful stupidity right away, making absolutely no sense. About the comments...

KevGatz-1335202573.jpg KevGatz (May 04, 2012 2:03pm)
WTF is this shit? Some gay drama? It's episode
67 and I saw someone else post part 66. You
people take turns in writing some disgusting
homo romanses? Ebaumsworld people are freaks.

Of course, KevGatz didn't read one whole story from Artman4444's Crook Takes Pawn blogs. Therefore this comment is very dumb and inappropriate.

Letemdangle-1317495321.jpg Letemdangle (May 04, 2012 5:46pm)  
"It was only 9". 9 what? AM, PM,
inches long, old, years ago, years away, 9 in
the morning, 9 at night?

Letemdangle, probably thinking he would be slick, criticized Neko's writing. Little did he know, the paragraph he referred to was taken from Artman4444's blog and used by the beautiful Baumshell as an introduction. Don't you read Artman4444's blogs, Letemdangle? Wasn't he one of those "quality bloggers" you kept talking about?

Wounded_Bear-1335469239.jpg Wounded_Bear (May 05, 2012 9:04am)
tl;dr. 1 star.

Rin's idiotic alt. Of course Rin is too stupid to read something that's longer than a paragraph and too scared of Neko to comment from her main account.

WhyNot-1287327975.jpg WhyNot (May 05, 2012 11:42am)
It's unfortunate you are such a terrible
writer. No flow, creativity, or a speck of
originality. Sucks to be you.

Said WhyNot, who's not a blogger and keeps whining about how the bloggers were better in 2008.

artman4444-1333510928.jpg artman4444 (May 05, 2012 1:38pm)                    I don't get it. Am I supposed to be flattered,
or upset? I'm scratching my head in puzzlement

I guess you should be flattered and thankful. Unless getting 5 times as many views on your blog as usual upsets you.

WhyNot-1287327975.jpg WhyNot (May 06, 2012 2:00pm)    "Yeah, aren't you glad to fall in
the shadow of my alt army and retarded

Another reply from WhyNot, the town fool. He's apparently butthurt because... Neko has a lot of subscribers?

strictlysticky-1329937998.gif strictlysticky (May 05, 2012 2:46pm)

This user only recently learned how to write. I guess he's still got to learn how to make sense.

JeffSpicoli-1316192934.jpg JeffSpicoli (May 05, 2012 3:17pm)    One star. Loser attempt looking for attention
as usual.

Yes, Jeff, you always succeed in your attempts.

spanki1889-1304581910.gif spanki1889 (May 06, 2012 11:52am)
Amazing blog.

I highly respect Spanki1889. His opinion matters even more, knowing he's an academic.

andrewryan69-1323610998.jpeg andrewryan69 (May 06, 2012 1:47pm)
The queen of eBaum's World has returned! Five

A comment from one of the few actual bloggers here.

Those are only a few comments to Neko's blog. From them you can draw a simple conclusion. The fail bloggers are trolls who don't even read a blog, but rush to comment on it and criticize its content without even knowing what it is about. Instead of trolling, how about you write something worth reading, okay?

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