A long time ago the city got filled with scoundrels. Even the bums started to feel important and kept bugging the citizens. The beautiful Neko couldn't stand it. This city needed a hero and it got the most gorgeous one possible. MrsNekoJeans, who was not only a brilliant pianist, but also a professional bad ass, knew how to deal with scumbags. Every bitch that tried their troll shit here got Neko-punched.

With the beaten trolls leaving into the woods and the vagabonds joining them, one of the most noisy tramps, a druggie named Tyaeda, decided they should rebel against their nemesis. She started her own town where she became the mayor and only the people she found cool enough could enter her municipality. It was a disgusting cesspool filled with the elite of the worst kinds of scoundrels - attention whores, spammers, lame trolls, drama queens and people who tried to fit in too much. I used the word "elite," because they only chosen the scum that had some kind of recognition.

Some of the good citizens were also invited, but didn't care to travel into that despicable place. During that time, Nekopolis flourished. New citizens came, they all worked together and shared new ideas. Tyaeda and her minions spent all their days planning on how to snuck in to Nekopolis and anger the glorious Baumshell Neko. A lot of scumbags tried to join their cause, but Tyaeda didn't want small pieces of shit like Rin or Snafoo in her town. She had her loyal followers already. The plagiarizer Letemdangle could recite other peoples articles in peace now. Strghtjckgrl wouldn't cry in shame for being a literary hack once she found the shelter in this refuge for beaten trolls. GIJoe could show people his small dick to everybody it was accepted as normal by them. There were also others, which lived there happily.

That wasn't what Tyaeda planned. She wanted to form an army that could help defend her from the smart and sexy Neko. The people at Nekopolis didn't give a shit about her troll refuge, which angered her even more. So Tyaeda devised a plan. She told her minions that the town has been infiltrated by Neko's spy and she burned her own land to the ground. The hateful trolls returned to Nekopolis.

Neko took pity on Tyaeda and allowed her to stay. She was even allowed to walk around the city  freely and got left to her shenanigans. That's the legendary kindness of Neko's heart.

Tyaeda didn't behave very long. Her treacherous nature led her to another revolt. This time she also had the lame trolls she despised so much she didn't even invite them to her troll refuge. Rin and Snaffoo, soon followed by Starkweather, who's other name is Lard_Infamous, Tyaeda's sick admirer. United with the plagiarizer Letemdangle and whiny bitch Tomlet, they started a revolt.

They were destined to fail, because no matter how numerous they would be, they couldn't match Neko's Champions

Fetismo The Powerful

Frogbob The Wise

Twidget The Conquerer

Spanki The 1889th

Andrewryan The Unpredictable

and a pigeon

More citizens joined the battle. The Gyps looked into her crystal ball and knows the result already. Neko Punch reigns supreme!
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