Neko's Drawing Contest: Notable Entries

There's been a lot of contest submissions I liked and it's obvious that many people here have talent. I would like to thank all who participated and once again remind those who didn't follow rules provided for the contest, that they shut their faggot-ass mouths before complaining about their drawing beeing better than some of those I highlighted. The submissions were supposed to be uploaded on Ebaumsworld, not photobucket or tynypic, and with the "nekoisbeautiful" tag. This way I could click that tag to get the full list of submissions for my contest.

Advanced graphic software entries:

Frogbob's submission is a work of MS Paint art. You can see the fine lines that are this magnificent artist's specialty. Frog represents the minimalism genre and is clearly an expert in it.


Cutedude, on the other hand, prefers the dadaism school and it shows. He used Paint as the drawing method. You can see how much this entry differs from Frogbob's. The artist concentrated on the color work in this one and it's less minimalistic, but also less subtle.


Snafoo_28, was clearly inspired by Edward Munch's "Scream." Caricature is what he went for and he did rather well. The hair-drawing technique looks very impressive.


Gyps' work of art leaves a lot of place for discussion. It's unique and very mysterious. I know that the color choice has a deeper meaning but it won't be easy for the viewer to pick up the metaphors used by the brilliant author.

Pencil/coal art:

SpaceEagle's coal piece was probably inspired by the famous Yao Ming laugh. It's the only entry drawn with coal.


Artman444's portrait, on the other hand, is a pencil sketch called "Canadian Neko." Why Canadian? Don't see the resemblance with Alanis Morisette? 

It's great that so many people participated. I guess there's a lot of talented Ebaumsworld users. As for the winner, check my Neko's Drawing Contest: Finalists blog and feast your eyes with the top 3 entries

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