Neko's Fashion Tips For March

After my "Neko's Fashion Tips For Your Boyfriends" blog's success, I received a lot of letters. Many were expressing graditude because now their men look fine, classy and sexy. I've decided to share some of them:

"My boyfriend looks classy and sexy now." - Hannah from Dakota

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Nancy from Atlanta

"I can't afford them" - Tyaeda from Ontario

But what about the coming spring? That's right, it's March already and a lot of girls don't know how to dress their boyfriends so they don't look like losers. Again, I'll help you because I have such a kind heart.


The hit of this season is the bum hat. You must buy one for your man for him to look bad ass . You need to remember to buy a matching, over-sized scarf. Popular colors would be beige and taupe.

As for the coat - it MUST be beige. That's the only appropriate color this spring. This season's sensation - different sleeve endings are a must too.

As for accesories, a man bag in bright colors would be suitable. Silver or gold - yes. Black - NO!

Picking the right shoes is very important, and red boots are the most desirable foot wear this month. Remember - RED! Any other color would make your boyfriend look lame. Ask him to show his knees too. This is very sexy. Since it's still cold, you might want to buy him matching pantyhose for it. If he say's it's gay, tell him he's an idiot and all men in the 18th century was wearing them. That's right, it's retro!

I'm glad I could help you and it's been my pleasure!
Uploaded 03/11/2011
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