Neko's Fashion Tips For May

Everybody knows how important it is not to look like a loser and naturally, I received a lot of letters with questions about the coming summer. What to wear when it's still cool and not hot?

But first, NEKO MAIL.

"My wife hates you. It's not me on my alt - GIJane is my wife's account. I also made accounts for my children, that's why your blogs are rated down from accounts like GIJane, GIBob and GIJimmy. I'm not an obsessed loser." - GIJoe from New Jersey

You can always write another blog about me. That'll so show me you're not an obsessed 12-year old dork. Don't forget to tell your family to rate this blog one star. Remember you can make accounts like GINiece or GINephew too.

Now for the fashion tips. This month's color is navy blue. Colors that match are beige, white, grey, cream (not always, you have to be careful here) and plum.


Short skirt dresses with long sleeves are a hit. The shoes are not a problem, as seen on the photo - wearing a dress like that gives you a lot of accessories to experiment with, same goes for footwear. High heels or plain sneakers - it's up to you. As long as you use the right colors.

For the boyfriend, you should go with the rebel/Che Guevara style this month.


Key word: fatty shops. Buy an XXL shirt and wear it over your pajamas. Top colors this season are gray and black. The cap and some jewelry like big rings will do nicely as accessories. The purse will highlight you individuality and show how non-conformist you are - everybody's wearing them, so don't worry about being called metro sexual (which is passe now).

If you have any additional questions, ask them in the comments section.

Until next time!
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