Neko's Fashion Tips For Your Boyfriends

If Tyaeda is reading this, I suggest she skips this one. This is something for successful people and I'm afraid that with her shitty job and slothful World Of Warcraft geek of a boyfriend - this is something she can't afford.

It's very important that you follow the newest trends. But a lot of girls forget that they should also TELL your man what to wear (yes, tell them; boys have absolute lack of taste when it comes to clothing unless they're gay). You're lucky if your guy's a banker or a stock broker. Suits always show class. Everybody knows you have a rich boyfriend and you don't have to lose any time on his looks - concentrate on yourself.

But what to do if you are dating someone successful, but not wearing a suit for his job? Maybe a professional musician? Then you have to tell him what he should wear. You can always take him shopping with you and ask to try something on for fun. Then you just say things like "I'll dump you if you won't buy this for yourself. You look great in that." Repeat until your man buys at least 3 or 4 sets. Then find something for yourself. If he says that he can't afford something or that it's too expensive - leave him there. He's either a cheapskate or not rich enough for you.

Now, what's hot this winter?


Shoes - Chromed shoes in bluish colors - navy blue, aquamarine, azure, air force blue (this one is good for a jet pilot's boyfriend)

Jacket - always leather and black (looks bad ass)

Pants - sports wear is the hit of this winter

Scarf - any will do as long as it looks expensive

Hat - furry hats are sooooo cute! Make sure it looks like the animal is very rare or near extinct.  Raccoon hats are this seson's sensation

Accessories - shades are a must have; another important thing is a man bag.

Now you know what to choose for your boyfriend to wear. Your friends will most probably envy you and that's the whole point.  You're welcome.

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