Neko's fashion Tips Review. I 5 star everyone.

As I said before, Neko couldn't dress a 56 yr old brain dead man with down syndrome.

I'm from the Midwest and if someone wore any of that shit my countrymen would shoot them with 60 grain .223 Remmington ammunition until his faggotry ceased to exsist.


I'm sticking to my blue jeans and white tee shirt. That's as American as it gets. Not everyone is from fucking New York. Not everyone dresses like they eat belgian waffles and ride horse dick.


Fuck you.


Now, onto me 5 starring everyone. Why do I do it? Because I'm a nice fucking guy. Whoever says I'm not nice is possibly one of my vast rape victims. And to you people, I branded 5 stars on your left butt cheek, to let you know I was appreciative of your service(s).


Let me just finish here. Michele Bachmann is almost as dumb as Palin. Also, I look forward to Hustler making a parody pornographic film of her. Lotion sales on the Stockmarket will rise. So, make sure you invest in that shit.


That is all. Please return to your interesting lives.




Uploaded 06/29/2011
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