Neko's Healthy Diet Tips

Many people probably think that to be as slim as pretty as me, it's gotta take a diet of half an apple for dinner and a prune for supper (skipping the breakfast, of course). On the contrary. You've got to eat healthy to look healthy and breakfast is very important. 

On the weekdays, I eat one bun for breakfast and gulp it down with some diet yoghurt (remember, it's gotta be the yoghurt drink, not the thick one). That's enough for hours. The important lesson here is not to starve yourself. Eat small portions, every few hours. This helps your metabolism; if you don't eat, your body shuts down.

The time after 12 in the afternoon is when you can eat whatever you want. No shit. U wanna pizza? Go for it. You'll burn it before supper.

And for supper, remember it's before 6 pm - don't eat after that. Unless you stay up late. But, basically, that's your limit for the day - don't eat after 6 pm.

What else? Don't eat like a pig and stay away from junk food. Eat sweets in small portions and during the day. Another thing is you should get any chance to exercise - don't take the car if you can walk a few kilometers. Especially to work. You exercise every day this way. Don't use the lift too often, either. Walk the stairs. You can almost feel the calories burn.

I'm sure these tips will help you get in shape. Remember, I follow them and I'm slim and beautiful, so this shit works. Don't pay thousands of dollars to scam artists that want your money and give you false diets - where you lose 4 kilos and gain 10 a month later I gave you these tips for free because I'm very nice and hate fatsos. Help me improve the world by eliminating the disgusting fat people (maybe you're one of them?) and turning them into valuable members of our civilisation. Become slim and tell your friends how easy it is! 

Uploaded 05/23/2012
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