Neko's Important Political Disputes - Lazy Hispanics VS Economy

You don't need to read the news papers or watch TV to know how the way USA handled illegal hispanics went. I don't mean valuable citizens that actually bring great quality to the United States. For example... um... a Mexican that can speak friggin' English and do anything other than sitting on the porch. 

This is the sad reality - USA has let hundreds of thousands peasants into the country, people that aren't able to, nor want to get a job. The arguments saying that the people who complain don't realise the hispanics take simple, cheap jobs like cutting grass or picking fruit? That's groovy, hug a rainbow, hippie. The people who know how to use their brains knew better and it turned out they were right.

Most of the hispanics in USA came to seek the American dream. Instead of living the dream like the Asians and Europeans coming to USA usually to set up companies, the hispanic American dream is most often to find a way of getting to the States and being a lazy fat ass worthless immigrant mooching on government money. They feel victimised by the government, because they came here to find a job and they require them to speak English and other stuff like that.


Another thing is the Mexicans that came to America to work - the great people with education, knowing they could have a better life in USA giving as well as receiving - have to suffer intolerance because of their obese lazy-ass cousins that came to USA with bellies filled with cocaine and their only activity other than eating is selling drugs to children. 

Many politicians say this is something very important to handle by the government. No shit, where were you when there was only a bunch of them crossing the border? Wouldn't it be better to build a wall and better security there with only a fraction of the money you have to pay the lazy unemployed fatsos from your taxes? Like a reinforced wall with towers and snipers? Imagined how many jobs this would create - even the Mexicans that came in with skills could get a job in building the wall.

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