Neko's Psychologistic Studies: The Surprising Discovery!

If you're a respectful psychologist like me who reads lots of magazines on psychology and shit like that, you probably heard about the recent poll about vintage stuff and the inquiry that shocked the whole world.

Basically, it was supposed to be a simple experiment made by scholars to determine why some people like vintage stuff. The psychologists had no idea they'll come across something like this.

The query wasn't complicated - the scientists asked what thing regarded as vintage or retro by the current generation the answerers use, why do they use them and what do they think when using them.

There was a bunch of objects listed, like gas lamps, monocles or grandfather clocks. The people who use them gave rather standard replies about why they like them and what they feel when using them (I kinda use the word "them" a lot, don't I?) - because they like the look, it makes the room look cool, it reminds somebody of their grandparents. But the answers concerning two objects shaked the whole scientific world. Those two vintage objects were pipes and Harleys (it's a motorcycle especially popular among men with middle age crysis).

Not only did most of the respondents give the same answer. The answers deeply shocked the askers.

For those who hear about this experiment for the first time, here are the results for the two aforementioned items.

Q: What do you think about when smoking a pipe?

1%   - about the increase of gas prices
99% - that holding a pipe in your mouth is the closest thing to sucking a guy's penis

Q: Why do you like riding your Harley?

3%    - the feeling of freedom and wind in your hair
7%    - I love flies. I could eat them the whole day
90% - the distinctive vibration of the bike makes every ride feel like your ass is rammed by a giant dick (it's slang for 'penis')

How about that? Would you have even guessed guys who like Harleys and pipes are almost always total queers? Do you know someone like that around you? They may look like this:


It's important to tell them that there's a cure. The electro shock therapy is 100% effective and heals homosexualism. You can trust me, I finished two semesters of psychology

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