Neko's Psychologistic Tips: First Effects

Ohayou, guys! I'm happy to announce that my therapy has worked on some of the users and I'm on the list of people nominated for the Golden Bunny - a prize awarded to the prettiest psychologists.

Let's look back at my recent patients and see how they are during:

Tomlet has almost forgotten about his wife and the divorce. He once again posts quality blogs and can even make a good comment comeback. The yoghurt therapy worked well. Now he's able to talk about Star Wars and stuff during our sessions. It turned out his favorite characters are Han Solo and Chewie (in that order), but he likes Star Trek more.

GIJoe didn't want to be helped. During the therapy his behavior changed from attention whore, to a creepy stalker. He tries to give out my personal information, but I'm not mad at him. It's his state of mind that makes him do these things. Maybe one day he'll realise obsession is not a good thing and he'd go on with his life.

I don't know about the effects of my therapy on Tyaeda's Electra complex, but I sure know that my influence on her has lead to improving the section's standards. She has learned a lot about writing quality blogs from me and as soon as she's not banned anymore, maybe we can read some interesting and well-written articles by her.

Rin/ViralDarkness, because I already proved that it's the same person, is no longer as much of a weaboo as before. Instead of posting loads of that visual kei garbage, they only post tons of weaboo visual kei garbage now. That's a success.

Do you have a problem with yourself? Remember that I can help you

May the Freud be with you!

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