Neko's Psychologistic Tips: Tomlet's Whiny Husband Complex

Hi, I'm Neko, PhD. the famous Ebaumsworld therapist. Today we're helping a troubled man. He's suffered a lot. His wife filed for a divorce because she couldn't stand a whiny faggot. He can't win the trial and she's gonna keep the kids. Why? Because she's a woman and also she earns twice as much as her ex. And that's how it should be.

But I decided to reach out to Tomlet and help him improve. The Whiny Divorced Husband Complex is a  combination of impulses but it doesn't come just from the fact of divorcing. The husband is being divorced because he IS a whiny faggot. He didn't become one after the divorce papers were filed.

Here's how I diagnosed his condition, based on his blogs:

*insert almost any of Tomlet's faggot-ass whimper blogs*

There's good news, Tomlet. You can improve in just 5 quick steps, because I've made a special program for you. No need to thank me, I'm a philanthropist.

1. Go to the mirror and start shouting "Beefcake! I can do it! Beeeefcaaaaake!!!"

2. Stop telling people about how you get your ass handed to you by your wife, how she's found a better guy, how she spends the money she makes (therefore deserves to) on cosmetics and fancy clothes - nobody likes to hear this kind of whining

3. When you're around Lisa, remember to say the phrase "I'm a bad Mo-Fo" as many times as possible

4. Get a better lawyer. If the guy starts crying during your meeting and says he also went through a divorce, it means he lost the case, dumb ass! He would be laughing if he won. You're such a moron. Imagine that goof ball cry during your trial. You'd be humiliated.

5. When you share how your wife outsmarts you in your blogs, the people who cheer you are other life losers like you. So don't think that when they say you're gonna kick ass in court, it's going to be that way. It's the wife who gets to keep the kids. Especially when she earns twice as much as you.

6. Try not to whine about anything - your health or divorce. Suck it up.

7. Eat spicy food. It builds character.

8. Buy a gun. Let's face it, you're too much of a wuss to actually use it, but you got a gun. You'll feel like a tough guy.

That's enough for today's session

May the Freud be with you, guys!
Uploaded 05/31/2011
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